Monday, August 13, 2007

On doing hard things

Archery has not come easily to the Elison boys. The quest for the bulls eye starts when they are 8 years old and go to Cub Scout day camp. I have seen them watch other boys shoot with ease, making their struggle that much harder. So when Anthony signed up to do the archery merit badge last summer at Scout Camp, you can imagine my concern. He did part of it last year and was a bit disappointed. This year, Nate signed up. I was VERY concerned. He was the youngest boy there. He would be watching boys 2 years older than him do something that is hard for him. When he came home with only part of it done, he was disappointed. I told him he didn't have to do it while he's 11, maybe he should wait until he's 17. This weekend, our neighbor lent Blake an archery set and these pictures tell the whole story! Archery is now officially an "easy" and "fun" thing to do! They even tried to get their sister shooting. Nate finished his Archery merit badge and received it at his first Court of Honor along with 6 other merit badges.

I have been thinking of the transition from something dreaded and hard to something fun and easy. Is it a miracle? perseverance? hard work? or maybe a change of perspective? I have seen seemingly impossible situations turn around. Like when Boston, down 3-0 to the Yankees, won the pennant. It feels great to put your game face on and defy the odds.

Repeat after me, boys: I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!


Anonymous said...

At our house we say, "I can do hard things with a smile on my face." Keep in mind that I'm usually the only one saying it with a smile, but maybe someday.......

Michelle said...

People should read this.