Saturday, November 24, 2007

Am I shrinking?

One of these shoes belongs to my 13 year old, the other to his dad.

I went to buy Anthony shoes tonight for the zoot suit he will wear in his jazz band. Last time we bought shoes, Tony was size 10. (Blake is 91/2). I know he's growing fast. He's 5' 5" and he's left me in the dust but I was not prepared for him to be 3 sizes bigger! Ouch! pinchy shoes. He obviously doesn't complain. I hope he grows into his feet. Nate doesn't think he will. He said, "Maybe he's done growing and he'll be a stubby guy with big feet."

Anyone recognize the chair?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Jello Cells

I am not allowed to share pictures of Anthony on my blog but I have been given special permission to share his latest science project. He made models of an animal cell and a plant cell out of jell-o.

Way cool! Except that with all the gross stuff in the fridge to choose from, it doesn't quite make sense that he would use my
expensive yellow and orange peppers for his endoplasmic reticulum.

I was glad he got them to school before the other three thought it was their snack.

Where's Waldo?

I get claustrophobic watching her sleep. And now we add the hat.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The pirate and the princess

I only have one child who is willing to smile when the camera comes out. Here is her new dress. A present from the Halloween witch who leaves presents to all boys and girls that leave their candy on the fireplace after they have picked out their favorites. I have been accused of robbing my children of precious holiday memories like eating candy until Easter but let me emphasize: It has always been their choice! (with big bribes, of course)

Nefertiti's Bust at Church

Teaching at my kid's school has many advantages. If they throw up at school, I'm right there. I can't do anything, but I'm right there. I know their friends. I have parent teacher conferences during lunch. etc. etc.

There is a small drawback. I taught 135 6th graders last year and 128 this year. I can't go down the halls at church without being called "Mrs. Elison" a few dozen times. Costco, library, you name it, those kids are there. Trick or treaters at my door saying, "Hi Mrs. Elison, is this where you live?" Scary.

So today at church, one of my highly entertaining students hung out the door of his Sunday School class and saw me walking by. He was thrilled to let me know he has been working hard on his Egypt report. In what can only be described as a loud, booming voice, he yells into the crowded hallway, "Mrs. Elison! I found the BEST picture of Nefertiti's BUST!!" And, of course, I say, "That is wonderful news. Bring it tomorrow, I can't wait to see it!"

I hope my church going friends realize the said bust is a highly prized find of Ancient Egypt. Lest they turn me in to the authorities...