Saturday, November 24, 2007

Am I shrinking?

One of these shoes belongs to my 13 year old, the other to his dad.

I went to buy Anthony shoes tonight for the zoot suit he will wear in his jazz band. Last time we bought shoes, Tony was size 10. (Blake is 91/2). I know he's growing fast. He's 5' 5" and he's left me in the dust but I was not prepared for him to be 3 sizes bigger! Ouch! pinchy shoes. He obviously doesn't complain. I hope he grows into his feet. Nate doesn't think he will. He said, "Maybe he's done growing and he'll be a stubby guy with big feet."

Anyone recognize the chair?

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FeliciaK said...

Hey Kim! It's Annette Terry's daughter Felicia. Your posts are so cute. I am pretty sure all of our shoes are bigger then my moms as well, so maybe Blake can start a support group with her. ;)I miss all the days we used to spend at your house. Your kids are so big!! That means I am getting old!!