Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I learned a few things from my kids on Sunday.

#1 If you wear happy colors on Monday, the week is a bit more cheerful. (
How long has Tony been wearing a bright yellow shirt on Mondays?)

#2 You should hide your bangs when you go to sleep so they don't get ruined by morning. (Anyone get that? Help me out here)

and my favorite:

#3 Being perfect is no fun.

Ok, here's the story... Since I started teaching two years ago, I've been even more behind in anything there is to be behind in than ever before. This is frightening because I've been behind all my life. I decided my older boys needed to learn to do their own laundry. We would have our own laundry days. I would help them but I would no longer have the overwhelming heaps that accumulate with a family of six. I was sure my life would be back to being normally behind instead of over-the-top behind.

Here's a shocker: It's not working so great. Instead of laundry backed up in just one room, there are heaps and heaps in every room. Laundry is taking over the house. We ignore our "day" and wait until we cannot wait any longer and then we all fight for the washer.

So, on Sunday morning, one of my kids (for whom I am still doing laundry) asks for clean underclothes. "Oh, they must be in this pile of clean stuff... Hang on, let me look," I say. But no, there is not one pair of clean shorts for him. The panic turns to dispair as I think of the much rehearsed verse from David O. McKay "No success can compensate for failure in the home." I have failed my family. I mutter outloud as I'm searching for clean boxers, "I've failed! In the most important thing... Who cares if I'm a good teacher. My kid has no clean underwear for church... I bet sister so-and-so has clean underwear on all her children for church. I bet the other sister so-and-so's children don't know what dirty underwear is and the other sister so-and-so's kids have never seen a pile of laundry and don't know what the word "heap" means..." On and on I went with my hopeless, despairing mumblings.

Who knew my oldest son was listening. He said, "It's not that bad, mom. You aren't a failure. Who cares if those people are perfect. That's no fun. I mean, really, do you think it would be any fun to be perfect?" 'Oh sure' I think, 'easy for you to say, your underwear is clean'. I complained that I just can't measure up to all those great moms out there. 'Failure in the home' is written on my forehead. Who can bear to associate with someone who fails in their home? With more wisdom than I give a 14 year old credit for, he said, "If anyone looks down on you for not measuring up, they aren't perfect, are they? That's pride. You can't have pride and be perfect."

Then he was gone.

I stood in between my heap of dirty darks and clean whites with my face as puzzled as the Grinch's when Christmas came just the same.

Having never experienced perfection, I don't know if it's fun or not. I think it would relieve a heap of stress. I continue my quest for perfection, thankful to have amazing children who are my teachers.

I'm happy to say that the following day, Monday, we all wore cheerful colors, everyone had clean laundry put away, we went ice skating and our bangs looked fabulous. Although we are not perfect, we had a perfect day.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Candy Cane Ballerina

Louisa has been asking when she can be in a play. To her, that means being on stage with a costume and people clapping. She can't wait for her turn to be in piano recitals or give talks in church. She is so not like the Elison boys. She started taking ballet this year and happily, they were on stage with costumes AND make up for three performances of The Nutcracker. I cannot believe how much she loved the whole experience. In the first performance, she was watching her teacher backstage the whole time and ran into one of her fellow candy canes and the girl behind Lou then ran into her. Domino candy canes. She got to curtsy to the Sugar Plum Fairy and let me tell you, that was the biggest thrill. She started begging me for toe shoes. She knows if she has them, she will magically dance like the Fairy. So, of course, I'm the bad guy. I'm holding her back. SHE could be Clara if it wasn't for her mom...

And I still
am amazed that a girl with all brothers is in ballet shoes instead of cleats. I'm convinced they come from Heaven with those kinds of preferences already established.

Speaking of brothers... Have you ever taken three boys to a ballet? I should say four boys, Blake was there, too.
There is not an ounce of ballet culture or appreciation in these boys. The cool dude in the middle laughed for 90 straight minutes. His hand was cupped over his mouth but an occasional hoot would escape from time to time. Their dad was absolutely no help. In fact, one could say he encouraged his boys to continue their barbaric behavior. Oh and please, when the guy in tights came out to dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy, we hit an all time low on the culture meter.

Next time, I'm sitting on the other side of the theater.

Christmas pictures part 2

Louisa with her Hannah Montana wig on.

Louisa with her fluffy pen

All the presents under the Christmas tree. Notice the Who tree. (We wanted a real tree this year. The kids all loved the little ones. I think they felt sorry for them. Then they didn't want to cut the top off. It was straight for about 5 minutes. Each day it looked more and more whoville-ish) (Nice baseball jammies, too)

Jonah is helping Anthony pull the paper off of his present.

Nate with his new ukulele

(Louisa wearing the outfit Aunt Mary Louise sent. She always loves the new pink clothes that come in the mail)

(Nate helped with this post. My comments are in ( ). )

Friday, December 26, 2008

225, 315 who's counting?

Leave it to my friend Cheryl to point out that I am not 225. My kids are not doing so great with the new math stuff. When Jonah threw out a number, I was too taken back to even check his work. So I guess I'm really 315...

Yesterday 225 sounded old. Today it sounds like a spring chicken.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas pictures

Guitar for Tony

Is this seriously a Hannah Montana wig?

Jonah painted this in art last year. Blake got it framed for him for Christmas. It is a keeper!

Nate with his new book. He has not put down his ukulele. I don't know when he'll stop to read.

I think this is what he really wanted.


Christmas is winding down. Two kids and one dad are snoring. The other two are quietly playing with new treasures. I left my camera at my mom's house when we went there to play in the snow yesterday. Nutcracker pictures are coming soon...

I can't stop thinking about my blessings. This has been the whitest Christmas I have ever experienced. It started snowing late last night and didn't stop all night. Snow was falling as we woke up to delighted and eager sounds of our kids. I'm grateful for our warm beds, our health, our faith, our extended family, our friends. I'm grateful for our freedom, our jobs, our home, our four-wheel drive (seriously, this San Francisco girl is a wreck driving in the snow without it).

But mostly, I'm thankful for my kids. They teach me. They inspire me. They are fun! We have had a great time together these last two days. I don't like the fighting. I do love the laughter.

I can't help but be mindful of those who do not have warm beds or healthy children or jobs or freedom. I think of those who are so challenged by the snow they cannot see the beauty. I want to teach my kids to be mindful of them also and to realize we are blessed.

So, of course, I mention this to them and say we should clean out our house and find things others can use. We have so much. Louisa screaming and sobbing, "NO!!! I want all my stuff!!!"

Not to be one to compare my children...

When Jonah was that same age, he said, "They can have my pooh bear blanket." I wanted to say, "No, lets pick stuff we don't use" but I let him take his favorite blanket that he had never slept without in his six years of life. He gave it up and missed it for at least a year but understood that it went to keep someone else warm. Why is that hard for my little girl to understand?

Because she is a spoiled princess? probably. I always thought I would have a Laura Ingalls not a Nellie Olesen.

I'm braiding her hair tomorrow.

I didn't say everything was perfect, but we did have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, and my lovely children reminded me that my birthday is coming up. They were excited to figure out my age in dog years. 225. I was fine with my 40-something age until they did the math...

When was the last time you figured out your age in dog years? Yeah, that's right, it's ugly.

One more blessing to count. I'm grateful I'm not a 225 year old canine.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Card has a beautiful winter scene Blake painted but then sold because we are too exhausted to even think about putting all four of our kids together long enough to take a picture. Too dangerous. So it says to get the update from this amazing blog. Trouble is, while it is amazing, there is nothing very updated. Not even Halloween... So if you have come for updated photos and videos, I won't encourage you to hold your breath, but I will promise they are coming. All I have to do is take Nate to orchestra, pick up Tony from band, drop him off at piano lessons, get Jonah off to scouts, take Lou to get her Nutcracker pictures taken (she's a candy cane), make sure they all do their homework, figure out what is for dinner, finish a couple of heaps of laundry, grade 145 Science tests, pick up Nate from orchestra, remember Jonah is at scouts (does he have the treat today??? ahhh!!!) and then I'll be back to update this amazing blog.

My people have not yet received their Christmas cards (I can't bring myself to lick the nasty envelopes). Blake's people should have theirs and probably already come and gone thinking there is nothing amazing here.

Amazing is coming. soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the unblogables

Guess why I always blog about Louisa... Because whenever anyone else in the family does something blogable, I hear, "Don't put that on your blog!" They are even hiding things from me just so I won't tell the world about them. And they duck when I want to take their pictures. Two of them even came in just now and deleted this while I went to tuck in Lou. I came back and the only words on the screen were, "Jonah is too cool for everybody."

Why don't they want their whole life out there for cyber world to see?

I'm sure I'll never know.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Song

I've been looking for ways to stop all the fighting in the house. While Louisa was telling me the horrors of her brother at the top of her lungs, I asked her if she knew this song...

Jesus said love everyone,
Treat them kindly too.
When the world is full of love,
Others will love you!

Then Jonah came in complaining about her.

She started singing, substituting her own words and tune.

Jesus said love everyone.
Treat them kindly too.
Even when you don't like their face,
be nice because you'll get used to it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dog days

Ever since she could wiggle out of her clothes, Louisa has been dressing up and changing clothes. When her friends come over, she dresses them up too. The funniest was Trevor with the princess dress. (His dad will not forgive me if I post that) This is what happened when Cheri came for a visit.

Whoever knows this dog will agree that even though she looks cute, she is NOT happy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One more thing to be late to...

Because our lives are not chaotic enough, we signed Louisa up for piano lessons. To say she is excited would be a gross understatement. She practices more than she needs to and wants to learn everything all in one day. She was practicing with her dad and he was reminding her about the dynamics.

Dad: What does the p mean?

Lou: (reading) p-p-e-e-a-a-a-n-n-o... I know! Piano! Play it soft.

Dad: good! What does the f mean?

Lou: (reading again) f-f-a-r-r-t... fart? Play it loud?

Brothers: (hysterical laughter in the background)

Lou: what?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Shark girl and the tooth fry

Louisa has this tooth problem. The baby tooth doesn't come out until the new one is full grown behind the baby tooth. She looks like a shark. It is frightening. And go ahead and ask her to show you. She will bite your head off, again shark-like. The whole thing freaks her out, too. Please don't notice my odd shark tooth. This is the second round with the shark tooth. I was thrilled as I came home one day and she ran over to surprise me with a little tooth in her hand. Hurray! I tell her. The tooth fairy will be so happy to see that great little tooth. And the world will not be afraid of you anymore, shark girl.

Do we seriously need to take the tooth outside to play? Of course it is lost. The panic and terror in her face are like no other. Nevermind the price of gas is $80/gallon and banks are falling like dominoes. The tooth crisis takes precedence. I tell her the tooth fairy can find teeth even in grass. She is amazing that way. Don't ask why, just write a note.

Dear Tuth fry,
I lost my tuth in the grass. Please find it. Thank you. Love Louisa

Perfect. She will come. I know she will come.

Dang tuth fry didn't come! What a loser! As the panic rises in her little voice, I tell her that sometimes the tooth fairy is late. Ask your brothers, it happens all the time. Yes, they say, she is always late. Maybe she will still come.

Ten minutes later she came. And left a note. The fairy is forgiven and adored once more. The poor thing got caught in the sprinklers looking for the tooth. Anyone can understand and forgive. The wings don't flutter like they used to.

Louisa went around all morning with her wings on humming a fairy song and leaving money everywhere. Nate was a trouper and laid down on a pillow so she could leave him some money. She is a crack up. She wakes up laughing.

Unless the tooth fairy is late...

Look at that smile. Do you see a tooth missing? Seriously. It's just not right.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Cougars!

My friend Margot has the coolest story on her blog. Her husband has been fighting with this dumb tumor on his brain for a year now. I wish they could take it out. We would all take turns stomping and spitting on that thing. Seriously, it is the pits. But they had a much deserved fun day with their family. They have two kids that I love. Ryan, the talkative but respectful student of mine from a couple of years ago and Lindsay the cutest red head on the planet. Read their amazing experience here and enjoy! At first I was thinking, wow, this is cool. Then as her story went on, it got better and better and all I can say is WOW! My old school is way cool. The coolest ever.

I would say I bleed cougar blue but the dodgers are blue. No blue blood here. Yucky stinking dodgers tainted all the blue blood.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 11, 2008

I can't sing. I'm ok with that. I enjoy listening to others sing. But my secret dream is belting out the Star Spangle Banner with perfect pitch at a Giant's game and having all the hard to please Bay Area fans go crazy when I hit the rocket's red glare. Not going to happen. I'm ok with that too.

So when I say THIS is cool, I mean, THIS is cool!

On September 11th my little brother Frank sang the National Anthem at the Rutger's game in New Jersey. I cried like a baby. Here he was living my dream (minus the Giant's fans), sounding amazing, and in National Guard garb. I was remembering the long year he spent in Iraq when he was too young to be a soldier. I am grateful for him, his service, others like him, my other siblings, my entire family, my freedom and that someone in the family has a voice that can belt it out! I only wish I had a video. (He was on ESPN but have I joined the 21st century and understand what a DVR really is and how it works??? I'm lucky to have a blog.)

I don't have a video of this song, but I do have his website with some of his country songs. My favorite is "Save Me." He wrote it. It makes me cry. He has a cool country name to go with his country songs. Good thing too because kanyas isn't country.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The good, the bad and the too ugly to blog

Before I type one word tonight, I ask myself why I blog. To keep in touch with those I love, to keep something kind of like a journal, to have fun. Tonight's reason: Therapy.

All of my four "anjls" are wonderful people. I am blessed to be their mom.


Yesterday our record of "not one person in our family has ever gotten detention" was shattered when I gave my own son detention. Yep, it was a bad day. I give out about 8 to 10 detentions a year. I haven't given any out this year. Well, until yesterday. I would never choose to be my own kid's teacher but since I teach all the 6th graders, I have no choice.

He was disruptive and talking back in a way that no other student has ever talked to me before-- you know, like a kid talking back to his mom. Unfortunately, it was in front of the entire class. I was proud of myself for restraining my sudden urge to inflict bodily harm. My jaw is still sore from clenching my teeth for the rest of the hour.

He has never dared talk like this to his non-relation teachers. So is this my fault?

My thoughts go back and forth:

  • good job, he had it coming (he really did)
  • your own son! How could you???
  • he wouldn't act up if you were a stay at home mom
  • way to put a stop to disruptive behavior!
  • you didn't put a stop to it, it will continue to get worse until law enforcement is involved
  • there must have been another way to handle it
  • way to treat him like any other student
  • pandora's box has been thrown wide open and now our children will have detention at least once a week
  • if they do have detention once a week, it will be your fault
Not productive, I know, but this is my therapy session and I'm working through things in as healthy a manner as possible (of course, my chocolates are close at hand).

My Nate is a great kid. He loves to hang out with me. He tried out for orchestra and made the highest level he could for his age. He makes me laugh. He reads above an 8th grade level. He does his homework without being reminded. I am a blessed mom.

We had a bad day. I guess I can blame it on the storm (which btw soaked through my underwear while I was on guard duty-- not sure I get paid enough to stand in lightning storms with hysterical kids who refused to come inside with me because their moms said to "wait right here." Try to convince a 6 year old their mom meant "wait right here unless lightning strikes, and then go with the teacher on duty to a safer location")

wet underwear and detention-- not blog worthy but there you have it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good news! Over 40? You can still shimmer!

My mother came with me to get mascara at our local department store. I was asking the make up lady about other items. I wanted a new look in eye shadow. I love my neutral colors but I've used the same 4 colors for a year. She showed me cute colors with a little shimmer. I was tempted but always thought I should stay away from glittery type make-up. I didn't want to look like the old lady trying to be a teenager. So, of course, I asked, "Is it ok for a woman my age to have those glitter things in my eye shadow?" She said, "Oh, yes! You can shimmer all you want over 40. What you don't want, is to sparkle. Sparkles get into the crevices and accentuate your wrinkles."

Excuse me?

Do you laugh or cry after the 20-something with more make up than Tammy Faye (Tammy Who, to her) give
s you what she considers the best news ever?

This was after she put 10 inches of lip gloss on my mother and shouted, "Wow! She still has some lips!"

Here's what I learned today at the
local department store with the make up lady who was born when Tammy Faye was crying off her mascara on TV for the first time:

1. Hurray!! All of us over 40 can still shimmer!

2. All of you under 40, enjoy your sparkles. Your days are numbered.

And, finally,
3. No one at any age should wear 10 inches of gloss.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Piano Man

I've been forbidden from sharing this recital piece with you but I'm sneaking it in. I figure as long as I pay the bills, I make the call. Here's Gershwin. Enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Modern Myrtle

I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite people. My friend Joni has started the cutest business. She has great gift ideas. Everything will make you say, (like Louisa says whenever she sees what I pick out for her to wear to school) "oh, Cuuuute!"

She currently has an auction going on to benefit the Nielson family in Arizona. Read all about it on her blog. Modern Myrtle

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jumbotron hands

The Park City Jazz Festival took place this last weekend. Tony's Little Big Band was the first ever Jr. High age band invited to play on stage! They were amazing!! It was their final performance together. Tryouts are next month. Hopefully he will make it again because it is too much fun. The best part was seeing him on the jumbotron! Talk about your out of body experience --my son was larger than life. I was not ready for that nor was I ready for the director saying, "Now we will play a song called 'Satin Doll' featuring Tony on the piano." What??? He never tells me anything! I got that on camera but it was the only part of my video I can't seem to download. When the jumbotron had the close up of his hands, I had to hold back the "THAT'S MY BOY" scream that was lodged in my throat. He is thankful for that. Had the woman in front of me shared her wine, I may not have displayed all that self control. Here is a small sample of their performance. (When my high tech friends come to my rescue, I'll be able to share 'Satin Doll') Yes, I am standing up at the end when the video goes all over the place and yes, you can hear my scream; however, I do not need to apologize for any words that would make a teenager cringe. My favorite line comes at the end when the MC says, "not old enough to drive but they sure can play." Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

and I thought diapers and formula were expensive...

The orthodontist gave us a few choices: Pay all at once for both boys and receive a $350 discount (chump change after the total payment) or make payments to him equivalent of leasing a his and her pair of the 2009 SLK350 Roadster for the next 36 months.

I knew it would be a lot but seriously... WOW

If you see the his and her roadsters cruising along, you can conclude:

1. Blake and I decided the boys can chew and isn't that what teeth are for? We provided them both a functional set of teeth; if they don't like the way they look and feel, they can deal with it when they are rich.


2. it's the orthodontist and wife

Saturday, July 26, 2008

thoughts at 2am

Once a month, there is a scheduled camp out for the scouts. I look forward to the Friday nights I get to spend with my younger kids and have the whole bed to myself because Blake is, has always been, and will always be a scout leader. (Jinx. He'll be thrown out tomorrow) Occasionally, however, I am too distracted by irrational thoughts to enjoy the time half of my family is gone. They were hiking to their campsite with their supplies on their backs. This is nothing new. Blake has done it countless times; Tony several. But this is Nate's first backpacking journey. The pack was bigger than his body. I don't know how the kid made it. I'm sure by now (2:34am) he arrived. The other thing about Nate that is bothering me is his love for food. He doesn't love food like normal people. He enjoys food on a whole different level. It's borderline passion/obsession. Favorite quote for today came from Tony: "Nate, this is not an eating camp out." I would have laughed if I wasn't worried. Why am I worried? He will not starve. So then I ask myself again-- why am I up thinking about this? I guess I feel like I sent Linus off with out his blanket. So this is unhealthy. Food should not be a comfort. I even caught myself saying, "I'll try to have something ready for you when you get home!" I am insane. Realizing this doesn't help. Counseling might.

Nate's passion/obsession is comical, annoying and helpful all at the same time. He will stand over your shoulder questioning your every move with the spices. I laugh when he quizzes Blake about his pancakes. "Did you use the correct amount of baking powder?" Blake doesn't laugh. The best part is when we say, "YOU make them next time!" and he says, "I will!" And he does. I love that I can ask him to make dinner and he gets excited. When I ask for input on dinner ideas, he actually has definite, well thought out ideas.

Scouts has been a blessing. I'm grateful for the opportunity my boys have to do hard things. They get frustrated but I see them enjoy a sense of accomplishment. They will come home tired, maybe a little hungry but feeling good about themselves. In the meantime, however, I am up all night worrying about Linus spending the night without his blanket. Thank goodness there are programs that stretch them in ways I never would. I baby my kids too much mostly because they grow so fast. Just yesterday Nate was 18 months old eating an enormous dead spider. But that's another story for another day...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Oh my heck! New curtains too? That's incredible!"

As I was taking everything out of Louisa's room, I said that she was getting a new bed and quilt and even new curtains. Maybe she spent too many hours with 6th grade girls for the past two years...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Disney pics

Because Tony's Little Big Band was performing at Disneyland, we simply had to go. It was a mini reunion with my brother Rick and his family, my cousin Sandra and her family, my mom and auntie. Lots of our family couldn't make it (new baby that I can't wait to meet, church missions, no babysitter, work, etc). Thanks to everyone who was able to come. And especially Nonnie- her screams at the concerts are still the talk of the town.

Random Pics

Since I've been lame about keeping up with this crazy blog, I thought I'd put on a few pictures to show we are here, doing good and keeping busy. Jonah makes us laugh as we journey through life. Nate loves baseball and my only child who loves the Giants like I do. Tony's jazz band has been going strong all year. And Lou hung out with my sixth graders all year. She signed more yearbooks than I did.





How can one girl change everything???

Before Louisa came along, I was wondering how our "Boy World" would be altered. I'll admit, in all my excitement to buy something pink, I was nervous about the change. But I told myself, she'll be the newest member and have to fit in with her brothers. I pictured her adapting to life with superheros, legos, wrestling, dirt, bugs and scouts.

Then along came Lou. And we have spent the last six years adjusting to her. We all know more than we want to about Hannah Montana. For her 6th birthday in March, she got a fabulous hairdo and we went shopping. I can't imagine my boys putting a haircut and shopping trip on their short list of birthday activities.

You can find Louisa decked out like a princess from tiara to glass slippers watching Spiderman and drawing Peter Parker.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

oh yeah, I have a blog...

Now that I'm taking a day off with sick kids, maybe I can sit down for a second. I was nervous about how life would change once Blake started working outside of our home. Time has been the real issue. If I had about 6 more hours a day, I would be still behind with everything but a bit more comfortable.

Anthony is getting used to 7th grade. I was at his school today and I couldn't believe how tall he is compared to the 7th - 9th graders. I told him to enjoy it because he may stay 5' 7" forever. We have enjoyed his jazz band. The concert in Disneyland for June is not set in stone yet. They may play at another park in Southern Cal. But the dates are pretty much set. First Thurs through Sat in June. He is playing trumpet in his school band. He is very close to starting his Eagle project for scouts. The whole teenage thing is odd from this side of it but he is a good 4.0 guy. He gets distracted with robotics and computer animation but it is fun to watch his creativity.

Nate is still in orchestra playing the violin. Of course, I forgot the camera during his last concert but it was a miracle to get everyone there between all the other activities so we just sat and enjoyed. He was so serious and very cute. (Don't tell him I said that). He can't wait for baseball. He is enjoying Jazz basketball in the meantime. He played his third year of flag football and loved it.

Jonah plays piano but I can't say he "enjoys" it. He loves any kind of sports-- watching and playing. He is loving the snow. Blake took all the boys skiing. Jonah learned really fast. He played flag football for the first time and had a great time.

Louisa is loving kindergarten. If she could go live with her teacher, she wouldn't even hesitate. She sings, dances, and teases her brothers to death. This week, she discovered the Hannah Montana world. She wants to dress like her, sing like her and, well, be her. Nate finds a room with a door whenever the Hannah Montana video comes on. He can't stand the sound of any of it. I guess he won't be seeing the movie with us.

School is crazy -- 6th graders think they are big and bad but I just laugh because they are still babies. Some of them have the saddest stories and have to grow up faster than they should. I enjoy being back in education but on days like today when my own kids are coughing up a lung, I wonder if I should stay home and make chicken soup. Yeah, like they would eat it. Anthony thinks he discovered the best food ever-- he tried Romen noodles. He's wondering why I don't buy them so he can eat them everyday. Nate has more refined taste buds. He watches me cook so I don't mess things up. Through all the sickness, Nate never lost his appetite.

Well, there's a summary of our crazy but happy life. Hope to get back here before two more months pass...