Tuesday, February 5, 2008

oh yeah, I have a blog...

Now that I'm taking a day off with sick kids, maybe I can sit down for a second. I was nervous about how life would change once Blake started working outside of our home. Time has been the real issue. If I had about 6 more hours a day, I would be still behind with everything but a bit more comfortable.

Anthony is getting used to 7th grade. I was at his school today and I couldn't believe how tall he is compared to the 7th - 9th graders. I told him to enjoy it because he may stay 5' 7" forever. We have enjoyed his jazz band. The concert in Disneyland for June is not set in stone yet. They may play at another park in Southern Cal. But the dates are pretty much set. First Thurs through Sat in June. He is playing trumpet in his school band. He is very close to starting his Eagle project for scouts. The whole teenage thing is odd from this side of it but he is a good 4.0 guy. He gets distracted with robotics and computer animation but it is fun to watch his creativity.

Nate is still in orchestra playing the violin. Of course, I forgot the camera during his last concert but it was a miracle to get everyone there between all the other activities so we just sat and enjoyed. He was so serious and very cute. (Don't tell him I said that). He can't wait for baseball. He is enjoying Jazz basketball in the meantime. He played his third year of flag football and loved it.

Jonah plays piano but I can't say he "enjoys" it. He loves any kind of sports-- watching and playing. He is loving the snow. Blake took all the boys skiing. Jonah learned really fast. He played flag football for the first time and had a great time.

Louisa is loving kindergarten. If she could go live with her teacher, she wouldn't even hesitate. She sings, dances, and teases her brothers to death. This week, she discovered the Hannah Montana world. She wants to dress like her, sing like her and, well, be her. Nate finds a room with a door whenever the Hannah Montana video comes on. He can't stand the sound of any of it. I guess he won't be seeing the movie with us.

School is crazy -- 6th graders think they are big and bad but I just laugh because they are still babies. Some of them have the saddest stories and have to grow up faster than they should. I enjoy being back in education but on days like today when my own kids are coughing up a lung, I wonder if I should stay home and make chicken soup. Yeah, like they would eat it. Anthony thinks he discovered the best food ever-- he tried Romen noodles. He's wondering why I don't buy them so he can eat them everyday. Nate has more refined taste buds. He watches me cook so I don't mess things up. Through all the sickness, Nate never lost his appetite.

Well, there's a summary of our crazy but happy life. Hope to get back here before two more months pass...



Cheryl said...

Loved every bit of the update! Your kids are doing so great. Thanks especially for the jazz performances - those were appreciated at our house!

FeliciaK said...

Holy Cow! your kids are all pretty talented! Tell Anthony you are saving him by not letting him eat Ramen everyday. When he gets to be my age and in College he will understand. ;) And tell Louisa I like Hannah Montana too.

Amber said...

Hey Kim! I just wanted to say hi. Felicia and my mom told me about your blog so I thought I'd check it out and let you know I have one as well. I'm trying to update it more. Haha! By the way, I'm with Felicia and Louisa, I love Hannah Montana too!!!

Amber Terry

Megan said...

Kim, Its me Megan(cooley), how are you? I like your blog its so cute. I can't believe how big your kids are. You can look at my blog I just started it so its not to updated yet.

MiTzi said...

Kim! I miss you, and miss working at the school. I loved it so much. Are Karson & Paige still in your class?
How is the cute & sweet little Louisa? Miss seeing her at the school, i hope all is well!