Saturday, July 26, 2008

thoughts at 2am

Once a month, there is a scheduled camp out for the scouts. I look forward to the Friday nights I get to spend with my younger kids and have the whole bed to myself because Blake is, has always been, and will always be a scout leader. (Jinx. He'll be thrown out tomorrow) Occasionally, however, I am too distracted by irrational thoughts to enjoy the time half of my family is gone. They were hiking to their campsite with their supplies on their backs. This is nothing new. Blake has done it countless times; Tony several. But this is Nate's first backpacking journey. The pack was bigger than his body. I don't know how the kid made it. I'm sure by now (2:34am) he arrived. The other thing about Nate that is bothering me is his love for food. He doesn't love food like normal people. He enjoys food on a whole different level. It's borderline passion/obsession. Favorite quote for today came from Tony: "Nate, this is not an eating camp out." I would have laughed if I wasn't worried. Why am I worried? He will not starve. So then I ask myself again-- why am I up thinking about this? I guess I feel like I sent Linus off with out his blanket. So this is unhealthy. Food should not be a comfort. I even caught myself saying, "I'll try to have something ready for you when you get home!" I am insane. Realizing this doesn't help. Counseling might.

Nate's passion/obsession is comical, annoying and helpful all at the same time. He will stand over your shoulder questioning your every move with the spices. I laugh when he quizzes Blake about his pancakes. "Did you use the correct amount of baking powder?" Blake doesn't laugh. The best part is when we say, "YOU make them next time!" and he says, "I will!" And he does. I love that I can ask him to make dinner and he gets excited. When I ask for input on dinner ideas, he actually has definite, well thought out ideas.

Scouts has been a blessing. I'm grateful for the opportunity my boys have to do hard things. They get frustrated but I see them enjoy a sense of accomplishment. They will come home tired, maybe a little hungry but feeling good about themselves. In the meantime, however, I am up all night worrying about Linus spending the night without his blanket. Thank goodness there are programs that stretch them in ways I never would. I baby my kids too much mostly because they grow so fast. Just yesterday Nate was 18 months old eating an enormous dead spider. But that's another story for another day...


Arlene and John Heiner said...

Hey, I don't know if I have left a comment on your blog before but I really enjoyed your new entry. It reminded me so much of John Daniel's scouting days with his dad. We have all kinds of funny fun stories. I hope things are going great for you and your family. I don't have too many friends that have blogs so I was excited to find yours. Keep up the blogging. Arlene

Joni Gardine said...

Hi Kim!
I was so happy to find your blog! I can't get over how big your kids are. I know that's cliche, but really, I can't believe it! I am glad to see that you are as good as ever. Alex, the girls and I are doing great out here in Oklahoma. I have a blog at that you can check out.

AnneMarie said...

I love your thoughts and insights on Scouting and your boys. It helps me reflect on how my feelings about Scouting have changed over the years (to the better).

I'm glad you've started posting again--but school starts soon, does that mean we won't see another post for several months?

Megan said...

My son is at the age where he eats EVERYTHING! I really hope he doesn't eat a BIG dead spider, eww, or a live one. Spiders scare me to death, I don't know what I would do.