Saturday, August 30, 2008

Piano Man

I've been forbidden from sharing this recital piece with you but I'm sneaking it in. I figure as long as I pay the bills, I make the call. Here's Gershwin. Enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Modern Myrtle

I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite people. My friend Joni has started the cutest business. She has great gift ideas. Everything will make you say, (like Louisa says whenever she sees what I pick out for her to wear to school) "oh, Cuuuute!"

She currently has an auction going on to benefit the Nielson family in Arizona. Read all about it on her blog. Modern Myrtle

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jumbotron hands

The Park City Jazz Festival took place this last weekend. Tony's Little Big Band was the first ever Jr. High age band invited to play on stage! They were amazing!! It was their final performance together. Tryouts are next month. Hopefully he will make it again because it is too much fun. The best part was seeing him on the jumbotron! Talk about your out of body experience --my son was larger than life. I was not ready for that nor was I ready for the director saying, "Now we will play a song called 'Satin Doll' featuring Tony on the piano." What??? He never tells me anything! I got that on camera but it was the only part of my video I can't seem to download. When the jumbotron had the close up of his hands, I had to hold back the "THAT'S MY BOY" scream that was lodged in my throat. He is thankful for that. Had the woman in front of me shared her wine, I may not have displayed all that self control. Here is a small sample of their performance. (When my high tech friends come to my rescue, I'll be able to share 'Satin Doll') Yes, I am standing up at the end when the video goes all over the place and yes, you can hear my scream; however, I do not need to apologize for any words that would make a teenager cringe. My favorite line comes at the end when the MC says, "not old enough to drive but they sure can play." Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

and I thought diapers and formula were expensive...

The orthodontist gave us a few choices: Pay all at once for both boys and receive a $350 discount (chump change after the total payment) or make payments to him equivalent of leasing a his and her pair of the 2009 SLK350 Roadster for the next 36 months.

I knew it would be a lot but seriously... WOW

If you see the his and her roadsters cruising along, you can conclude:

1. Blake and I decided the boys can chew and isn't that what teeth are for? We provided them both a functional set of teeth; if they don't like the way they look and feel, they can deal with it when they are rich.


2. it's the orthodontist and wife