Monday, September 29, 2008

Shark girl and the tooth fry

Louisa has this tooth problem. The baby tooth doesn't come out until the new one is full grown behind the baby tooth. She looks like a shark. It is frightening. And go ahead and ask her to show you. She will bite your head off, again shark-like. The whole thing freaks her out, too. Please don't notice my odd shark tooth. This is the second round with the shark tooth. I was thrilled as I came home one day and she ran over to surprise me with a little tooth in her hand. Hurray! I tell her. The tooth fairy will be so happy to see that great little tooth. And the world will not be afraid of you anymore, shark girl.

Do we seriously need to take the tooth outside to play? Of course it is lost. The panic and terror in her face are like no other. Nevermind the price of gas is $80/gallon and banks are falling like dominoes. The tooth crisis takes precedence. I tell her the tooth fairy can find teeth even in grass. She is amazing that way. Don't ask why, just write a note.

Dear Tuth fry,
I lost my tuth in the grass. Please find it. Thank you. Love Louisa

Perfect. She will come. I know she will come.

Dang tuth fry didn't come! What a loser! As the panic rises in her little voice, I tell her that sometimes the tooth fairy is late. Ask your brothers, it happens all the time. Yes, they say, she is always late. Maybe she will still come.

Ten minutes later she came. And left a note. The fairy is forgiven and adored once more. The poor thing got caught in the sprinklers looking for the tooth. Anyone can understand and forgive. The wings don't flutter like they used to.

Louisa went around all morning with her wings on humming a fairy song and leaving money everywhere. Nate was a trouper and laid down on a pillow so she could leave him some money. She is a crack up. She wakes up laughing.

Unless the tooth fairy is late...

Look at that smile. Do you see a tooth missing? Seriously. It's just not right.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Cougars!

My friend Margot has the coolest story on her blog. Her husband has been fighting with this dumb tumor on his brain for a year now. I wish they could take it out. We would all take turns stomping and spitting on that thing. Seriously, it is the pits. But they had a much deserved fun day with their family. They have two kids that I love. Ryan, the talkative but respectful student of mine from a couple of years ago and Lindsay the cutest red head on the planet. Read their amazing experience here and enjoy! At first I was thinking, wow, this is cool. Then as her story went on, it got better and better and all I can say is WOW! My old school is way cool. The coolest ever.

I would say I bleed cougar blue but the dodgers are blue. No blue blood here. Yucky stinking dodgers tainted all the blue blood.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 11, 2008

I can't sing. I'm ok with that. I enjoy listening to others sing. But my secret dream is belting out the Star Spangle Banner with perfect pitch at a Giant's game and having all the hard to please Bay Area fans go crazy when I hit the rocket's red glare. Not going to happen. I'm ok with that too.

So when I say THIS is cool, I mean, THIS is cool!

On September 11th my little brother Frank sang the National Anthem at the Rutger's game in New Jersey. I cried like a baby. Here he was living my dream (minus the Giant's fans), sounding amazing, and in National Guard garb. I was remembering the long year he spent in Iraq when he was too young to be a soldier. I am grateful for him, his service, others like him, my other siblings, my entire family, my freedom and that someone in the family has a voice that can belt it out! I only wish I had a video. (He was on ESPN but have I joined the 21st century and understand what a DVR really is and how it works??? I'm lucky to have a blog.)

I don't have a video of this song, but I do have his website with some of his country songs. My favorite is "Save Me." He wrote it. It makes me cry. He has a cool country name to go with his country songs. Good thing too because kanyas isn't country.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The good, the bad and the too ugly to blog

Before I type one word tonight, I ask myself why I blog. To keep in touch with those I love, to keep something kind of like a journal, to have fun. Tonight's reason: Therapy.

All of my four "anjls" are wonderful people. I am blessed to be their mom.


Yesterday our record of "not one person in our family has ever gotten detention" was shattered when I gave my own son detention. Yep, it was a bad day. I give out about 8 to 10 detentions a year. I haven't given any out this year. Well, until yesterday. I would never choose to be my own kid's teacher but since I teach all the 6th graders, I have no choice.

He was disruptive and talking back in a way that no other student has ever talked to me before-- you know, like a kid talking back to his mom. Unfortunately, it was in front of the entire class. I was proud of myself for restraining my sudden urge to inflict bodily harm. My jaw is still sore from clenching my teeth for the rest of the hour.

He has never dared talk like this to his non-relation teachers. So is this my fault?

My thoughts go back and forth:

  • good job, he had it coming (he really did)
  • your own son! How could you???
  • he wouldn't act up if you were a stay at home mom
  • way to put a stop to disruptive behavior!
  • you didn't put a stop to it, it will continue to get worse until law enforcement is involved
  • there must have been another way to handle it
  • way to treat him like any other student
  • pandora's box has been thrown wide open and now our children will have detention at least once a week
  • if they do have detention once a week, it will be your fault
Not productive, I know, but this is my therapy session and I'm working through things in as healthy a manner as possible (of course, my chocolates are close at hand).

My Nate is a great kid. He loves to hang out with me. He tried out for orchestra and made the highest level he could for his age. He makes me laugh. He reads above an 8th grade level. He does his homework without being reminded. I am a blessed mom.

We had a bad day. I guess I can blame it on the storm (which btw soaked through my underwear while I was on guard duty-- not sure I get paid enough to stand in lightning storms with hysterical kids who refused to come inside with me because their moms said to "wait right here." Try to convince a 6 year old their mom meant "wait right here unless lightning strikes, and then go with the teacher on duty to a safer location")

wet underwear and detention-- not blog worthy but there you have it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good news! Over 40? You can still shimmer!

My mother came with me to get mascara at our local department store. I was asking the make up lady about other items. I wanted a new look in eye shadow. I love my neutral colors but I've used the same 4 colors for a year. She showed me cute colors with a little shimmer. I was tempted but always thought I should stay away from glittery type make-up. I didn't want to look like the old lady trying to be a teenager. So, of course, I asked, "Is it ok for a woman my age to have those glitter things in my eye shadow?" She said, "Oh, yes! You can shimmer all you want over 40. What you don't want, is to sparkle. Sparkles get into the crevices and accentuate your wrinkles."

Excuse me?

Do you laugh or cry after the 20-something with more make up than Tammy Faye (Tammy Who, to her) give
s you what she considers the best news ever?

This was after she put 10 inches of lip gloss on my mother and shouted, "Wow! She still has some lips!"

Here's what I learned today at the
local department store with the make up lady who was born when Tammy Faye was crying off her mascara on TV for the first time:

1. Hurray!! All of us over 40 can still shimmer!

2. All of you under 40, enjoy your sparkles. Your days are numbered.

And, finally,
3. No one at any age should wear 10 inches of gloss.