Thursday, September 11, 2008

The good, the bad and the too ugly to blog

Before I type one word tonight, I ask myself why I blog. To keep in touch with those I love, to keep something kind of like a journal, to have fun. Tonight's reason: Therapy.

All of my four "anjls" are wonderful people. I am blessed to be their mom.


Yesterday our record of "not one person in our family has ever gotten detention" was shattered when I gave my own son detention. Yep, it was a bad day. I give out about 8 to 10 detentions a year. I haven't given any out this year. Well, until yesterday. I would never choose to be my own kid's teacher but since I teach all the 6th graders, I have no choice.

He was disruptive and talking back in a way that no other student has ever talked to me before-- you know, like a kid talking back to his mom. Unfortunately, it was in front of the entire class. I was proud of myself for restraining my sudden urge to inflict bodily harm. My jaw is still sore from clenching my teeth for the rest of the hour.

He has never dared talk like this to his non-relation teachers. So is this my fault?

My thoughts go back and forth:

  • good job, he had it coming (he really did)
  • your own son! How could you???
  • he wouldn't act up if you were a stay at home mom
  • way to put a stop to disruptive behavior!
  • you didn't put a stop to it, it will continue to get worse until law enforcement is involved
  • there must have been another way to handle it
  • way to treat him like any other student
  • pandora's box has been thrown wide open and now our children will have detention at least once a week
  • if they do have detention once a week, it will be your fault
Not productive, I know, but this is my therapy session and I'm working through things in as healthy a manner as possible (of course, my chocolates are close at hand).

My Nate is a great kid. He loves to hang out with me. He tried out for orchestra and made the highest level he could for his age. He makes me laugh. He reads above an 8th grade level. He does his homework without being reminded. I am a blessed mom.

We had a bad day. I guess I can blame it on the storm (which btw soaked through my underwear while I was on guard duty-- not sure I get paid enough to stand in lightning storms with hysterical kids who refused to come inside with me because their moms said to "wait right here." Try to convince a 6 year old their mom meant "wait right here unless lightning strikes, and then go with the teacher on duty to a safer location")

wet underwear and detention-- not blog worthy but there you have it.


AnneMarie said...

Oh Kim, I love you! Your fresh perspective is so good for me to hear. I'm sorry about the detention, but glad you have a place to vent your conflicting feelings. And glad that I read your post this morning. It's always good to start your day with a laugh (the whole wet underwear thing is going to stick with me all day!)

Cheryl said...

As the one who crossed your path as you had just turned in the detention slip and were still wearing wet underwear, I want to say that I thought you were remarkably composed, good natured, and as fabulous as ever -- even at that moment. Just remember that the reality is that most of us give our own kids detention every day in some form or fashion - it is not a right reserved only for you teachers. He'll get the idea, and as all kids do, he'll still keep on loving you. And, please take Cheyenne inside if she's ever caught in a lightning storm with you -- you have my permission.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome blog, you're very funny and I'm glad I found you. I love the crazy spiral, I do it all of the time. Because your son was rambunctious one day does not mean this great,loving kid is going to prison. You do a dis-service to you and other working mom by thinking if you stayed at home, he would never talk back to you. Just wait for the teen years. ALL kids are going to test their parents, they need to and should. How else will they their hearts, where the lines are drawn.

Mindy said...

Okay so when my girls are in your class and they need detention you are welcome to hand them the slip or you could just knock them over the head. Which ever is easer. But you were awesome and everything will work out. Your kids are great and your an amaizing mom and teacher.