Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good news! Over 40? You can still shimmer!

My mother came with me to get mascara at our local department store. I was asking the make up lady about other items. I wanted a new look in eye shadow. I love my neutral colors but I've used the same 4 colors for a year. She showed me cute colors with a little shimmer. I was tempted but always thought I should stay away from glittery type make-up. I didn't want to look like the old lady trying to be a teenager. So, of course, I asked, "Is it ok for a woman my age to have those glitter things in my eye shadow?" She said, "Oh, yes! You can shimmer all you want over 40. What you don't want, is to sparkle. Sparkles get into the crevices and accentuate your wrinkles."

Excuse me?

Do you laugh or cry after the 20-something with more make up than Tammy Faye (Tammy Who, to her) give
s you what she considers the best news ever?

This was after she put 10 inches of lip gloss on my mother and shouted, "Wow! She still has some lips!"

Here's what I learned today at the
local department store with the make up lady who was born when Tammy Faye was crying off her mascara on TV for the first time:

1. Hurray!! All of us over 40 can still shimmer!

2. All of you under 40, enjoy your sparkles. Your days are numbered.

And, finally,
3. No one at any age should wear 10 inches of gloss.


AnneMarie said...

I'll go out this week and get myself some shimmer!

Cheryl said...

But the question is a 40+ year old girl supposed to tell the difference between a packaged shadow that sparkles and one that shimmers????????

Mindy said...

Okay so I am over 40 (hehehe) and I love my shimmer! You are so funny, I love you.