Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 11, 2008

I can't sing. I'm ok with that. I enjoy listening to others sing. But my secret dream is belting out the Star Spangle Banner with perfect pitch at a Giant's game and having all the hard to please Bay Area fans go crazy when I hit the rocket's red glare. Not going to happen. I'm ok with that too.

So when I say THIS is cool, I mean, THIS is cool!

On September 11th my little brother Frank sang the National Anthem at the Rutger's game in New Jersey. I cried like a baby. Here he was living my dream (minus the Giant's fans), sounding amazing, and in National Guard garb. I was remembering the long year he spent in Iraq when he was too young to be a soldier. I am grateful for him, his service, others like him, my other siblings, my entire family, my freedom and that someone in the family has a voice that can belt it out! I only wish I had a video. (He was on ESPN but have I joined the 21st century and understand what a DVR really is and how it works??? I'm lucky to have a blog.)

I don't have a video of this song, but I do have his website with some of his country songs. My favorite is "Save Me." He wrote it. It makes me cry. He has a cool country name to go with his country songs. Good thing too because kanyas isn't country.


Megan said...

I would love to belt the national anthem at a sporting event. Well anywhere I guess but even if I sang well(which I don't) I think my stage fright would take over. i hate being in front of people I get so nervous. That is so awesome your brother is a singer. i had no idea, I looked at his page and he is really good. I love country music. Very cool.

Cheryl said...

I love blogs 'cause I learn so much about friends that I thought I knew so much about. I've always wished I would have been in the singing line in heaven. Sadly, I was not. Maybe someday we can be angels singing together when our voices are perfect. I'm thankful for your brother and others like him also. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Amber said...

Kim, we are so glad you have a blog and know how to use it! :)

Arlene Heiner said...

Kim, I can't believe that is your brother--I mean I never knew you had a little brother who sang. I listened to his songs and I love them. I'm going to have John listen to them. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing