Monday, September 29, 2008

Shark girl and the tooth fry

Louisa has this tooth problem. The baby tooth doesn't come out until the new one is full grown behind the baby tooth. She looks like a shark. It is frightening. And go ahead and ask her to show you. She will bite your head off, again shark-like. The whole thing freaks her out, too. Please don't notice my odd shark tooth. This is the second round with the shark tooth. I was thrilled as I came home one day and she ran over to surprise me with a little tooth in her hand. Hurray! I tell her. The tooth fairy will be so happy to see that great little tooth. And the world will not be afraid of you anymore, shark girl.

Do we seriously need to take the tooth outside to play? Of course it is lost. The panic and terror in her face are like no other. Nevermind the price of gas is $80/gallon and banks are falling like dominoes. The tooth crisis takes precedence. I tell her the tooth fairy can find teeth even in grass. She is amazing that way. Don't ask why, just write a note.

Dear Tuth fry,
I lost my tuth in the grass. Please find it. Thank you. Love Louisa

Perfect. She will come. I know she will come.

Dang tuth fry didn't come! What a loser! As the panic rises in her little voice, I tell her that sometimes the tooth fairy is late. Ask your brothers, it happens all the time. Yes, they say, she is always late. Maybe she will still come.

Ten minutes later she came. And left a note. The fairy is forgiven and adored once more. The poor thing got caught in the sprinklers looking for the tooth. Anyone can understand and forgive. The wings don't flutter like they used to.

Louisa went around all morning with her wings on humming a fairy song and leaving money everywhere. Nate was a trouper and laid down on a pillow so she could leave him some money. She is a crack up. She wakes up laughing.

Unless the tooth fairy is late...

Look at that smile. Do you see a tooth missing? Seriously. It's just not right.


AnneMarie said...

And I thought the tooth fry was only late at our house!

Cedar, Chris & Annistyn said...

Oh I love that girl!

Cheryl said...

Stories like this remind why I am a mother. She's the best!

MiTzi said...

I need your email address so I can add you to my blog, mine is, thanks!