Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Card has a beautiful winter scene Blake painted but then sold because we are too exhausted to even think about putting all four of our kids together long enough to take a picture. Too dangerous. So it says to get the update from this amazing blog. Trouble is, while it is amazing, there is nothing very updated. Not even Halloween... So if you have come for updated photos and videos, I won't encourage you to hold your breath, but I will promise they are coming. All I have to do is take Nate to orchestra, pick up Tony from band, drop him off at piano lessons, get Jonah off to scouts, take Lou to get her Nutcracker pictures taken (she's a candy cane), make sure they all do their homework, figure out what is for dinner, finish a couple of heaps of laundry, grade 145 Science tests, pick up Nate from orchestra, remember Jonah is at scouts (does he have the treat today??? ahhh!!!) and then I'll be back to update this amazing blog.

My people have not yet received their Christmas cards (I can't bring myself to lick the nasty envelopes). Blake's people should have theirs and probably already come and gone thinking there is nothing amazing here.

Amazing is coming. soon.


Arlene Heiner said...

Hey, I didn't get any Christmas cards out this year either. I feel kinda quilty but it just didn't happen. I hope you have a Merry Christmas

Dale said...

So will we get to see the painting? Did Blake scan it or take a photo of it? And I'm impressed that he's selling his art. I cut mine up and use it for bookmarks.

Cheryl said...

I was just so happy to have Jonah at Scouts with us! You're doing lots of things really well. Keep up the good work and don't worry about the extras!