Monday, January 26, 2009

Toothpaste war

I have a couple of kids who have an annoying hobby of fighting nonstop. I usually get caught up in the madness by telling them to stop in a loud voice so they can hear me over their screams. Pretty soon the decibel level is through the roof and I am left panting on the floor when it is all done, having accomplished nothing and wondering why I even try.

Tonight, however, was a bit different. Here's how it went down...

me: Time to brush your teeth.

kid 1: ok mom (calm before the storm)

me: don't forget to floss

kid 2: I always floss, mom (perfect children)

few seconds of quiet. I see kid 1 in the hallway brushing away.

me: where's kid 2 (storms a comin')

kid 1 (with toothpaste in mouth): in thew buhin me

kid 2 (toothpaste mouth): e cawed me a iei

kid 1 (starting to really foam): e's a ier

kid 2 (tilting head back to keep all the dribbles in): i ellin a ooth! e awed e a iei

kid 1 (tilting also): e's alays eing e in aowl!

me (laughing in their foaming, tilted, raging faces): go spit. you look like angry rabid rodents.

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