Tuesday, June 23, 2009

H1N1 Has Arrived

The question of the day... Does he or does he not have the swine? Maybe we can take a vote. Here are the facts:

1. He went on the High Adventure camp from 6/17 to 6/20.
2. Yesterday, 6/22, got a call from scout leader in the am confirming one of his buddies that he shared a tent with one night was diagnosed with the swine.
3. Found out in the afternoon yesterday 6/22, that a second buddy on the camp out tested positive with the dreaded virus.
4. Every time he coughed I turned my head and he laughed at me.
5. He said, "I'm immune to the swine, mom" (have to consider the jinx factor)
6. When I came home from a baseball game at approximately 6:35pm yesterday, 6/22 he had a fever of 100.6 and said he didn't feel good. Coughing had increased.
7. Took him to the after hours clinic at 7:15pm.
8. Nurse shoved a huge q-tip in his nose that went back into his brain. ("A little burn" she says... Shoves it up both nostrils one at a time and then leaves. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" he says after she leaves but door is still open. I see the nurse smirk. She enjoys this, I think. Or maybe she is sick of H1N1 and takes it out on unsuspecting noses. Either way, the boy will never be the same.)
9. Dr. comes in and says, "It's negative HOWEVER, these tests are only 70% accurate. So I think you came in early enough for it not to show. It's my recommendation that we treat it as swine flu." (All that pain for 70% accuracy? Doesn't seem right)
10. Go get Tamiflu (cost just under 1 billion for ten tiny tablets) at 8:45pm. Takes 1st one at 9:30pm.
11. Today, 6/23, fever is gone. Coughing has increased. He's achy but not as miserable as his two buddies. Cuz their moms tell me it is awful. Hes been on the computer, watched tv, played piano. Kind of lethargic but not sleeping all day.

These are the facts.

so I'm guessing either
A. He has the swine but we caught it early enough and symptoms are mild because of tamiflu.
B. He is feeling bad for his buddies and this is how his body responds.
C. He's pulling a Ferris Beuller.
D. He has something else.
E. ?????????

The voting polls are open.

In the meantime, we are quarantined (go figure just as the monsoon season ends), a bit depressed and worried about his buddies.


Cheryl said...

This is really one of the first times I've been happy Daniel didn't go on that trip last week. I'm voting that if it walks like a pig, coughs like a pig, and wallows with other pigs, it probably is........

AnneMarie said...

Carson still is going strong--no symptoms! Hope Tony continues to improve!