Sunday, February 28, 2010

Si vas para Chile...

I been through 7.5

I've experienced 6.9

But 8.8 is unreal.  

My thoughts and prayers are with the people I fell in love with in Chile. I wait anxiously to hear from friends. Such a beautiful country. Amazing people. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I use to could do things right

I hear snoring coming from different areas of the house. Peace, finally. Trying to update pictures when I don't hear snoring is a chore.

"If you use that picture, you'll ruin my life!"

"Do you know the (insert name of family)s read your blog?!"

"Any picture but that one!"
"No, not that one either!"

"Do I need a password to delete this stuff?"

I don't mean to ruin anyone's life. This is my therapy. No need to get your feather's ruffled.

Then Lou's high pitched voice pipes up, "Hey! Where's my picture?"
I'm glad to have one little person who doesn't accuse me of ruining their life. yet.

Truth is, life is getting crowded. I watch the days and weeks go by like I'm in a race. Seems to me sad things are happening at an alarming rate. If I can take time to recognize the blessings in life maybe the weight of the sorrow won't be overwhelming. Right now, the balance is not tipping in favor of joy.

And yet, looking at pictures, I remember the beauty that is life. I am grateful.

Funny how those very lives I'm ruining are the ones who tip the scale in favor of everything good.


So many sad things happening.
Time to choose happiness.

Time to count my blessings.