Saturday, May 22, 2010


Tony was called and asked if he wanted to play in a combo at a restaurant in SL. His first paying gig. He even got tips! He said he did horrid but I'm sure it would have amazed me. I didn't have reservations at the place so I took a nap in the car out of sight so I wouldn't embarrass him. I was too nervous to leave him in a different county playing with other teenagers and no band leader. The guys he played with are a bit older and can drive themselves. 

Which leads me to the next milestone...

May 20, 2010 I sat in the passenger's seat while my son drove! I have to say that I've never experienced anything like that rush before. His whole life flashed before my eyes. I felt like I was giving the keys to someone I still pushed in a stroller. I wanted to cry at how fast the last 15 years have gone but I was too scared. He did great but I would have rather been on the Tower of Terror. I did all the things I remember my mom doing. Pushing on a break I don't have, pointing out stop signs a mile away, sucking in all the air in the car, saying "you're going too fast" when he's barely reaching 12 mph... I was ready for him to say, like my brother did when he was learning to drive, "Stop sign. I see it."

We drove to my mother's house. She was standing outside (probably a nervous wreck). She gave him food. Gave me something to settle my nerves. 

And then we both wished we could put him back in the stroller.  

My neighbor Arlene always told me they grow too fast. She is so right. I'll enjoy the journey... even if it feels like a roller coaster.