Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Updates

Although you may not know from this empty blog, we have had a busy year... which is why the blog is lacking in updates. Here in no particular order are some of the happenings.

We cannot keep up with our oldest. He has a desire to try so many things but not enough time to fit it all in. I promise him that life does not end after high school. People do indeed learn stuff after they turn 18 but he wants to know everything now. He is now in Caleb Chapman's Crescent Superband. They are playing at a resort in Midway, Ut tomorrow for New Year's. He was in the Voodoo Orchestra until he was accepted into the Superband in the fall. Here is a sample of from his summer tour to LA: Rock This Town features a solo by Tony a bit after the 2nd minute of the song. Wish I could say he gets it from me. We are grateful for Caleb's bands and the experiences he's had with them since 7th grade. This summer they travel to Japan!

He received an award in March for his amazing piano skills with the Voodoo Orchestra. Is this seriously the best picture I could get??? Yes. Yes it is. He is the long haired guy by the girl who looks scared of his cooties.

Tony was busy with his eagle project this summer. Thanks to his friends and brothers for their help. He painted fire hydrants in the street close to the hidden hydrants for fire safety. Their favorite thing was piling in the back of the truck sporting the orange vests of authority.

 Nate isn't quite as busy. I see him a bit more than Tony.  He still plays his violin. I love to hear his orchestra but don't look for pictures because I can never see him from where I sit. A video would be nice. Then at least we could hear him. But no, I'm video challenged too. Here he is at a recital. 

Oh, wait! I found one with his orchestra! He was playing in the open area in front of the office at the Jr High (what's that area called again?) on 6th grade night. And, being the 6th grade teacher, I was there taking pictures of his cute face! I hope he doesn't read this. Not sure "cute face" will win me any points but it is what it is...

He is in the center of the picture with the great side burns. My friends Judy and Tyler both took turns showing me how to cut my boy's hair... Not sure they want their names on here after they see my bogus job.

Nate loves Scout Camps. He went to Timberline 2 years in a row. I'm sure he will be wanting to go again next year. He wants Jonah to go with him. He is ready to start an Eagle Project. He and Tony have enjoyed 4.0 GPAs again this year. Nate loves the pizza party he is invited to when he is on the high honor roll. Not sure he would care if they didn't have the pizza...

As you may be able to guess from his hat, he is my fellow Giant's fan. We almost did not survive the torturous baseball season this year. What a thrill to finally see my Giants win! We did the happy dance and wished we were in SF for the big parade! So fun to have someone into it with me. He felt all the pains of a true Giant's fan during the last seasons. 

Jonah enjoyed baseball with us and we all got new shirts! 

This year, we had to figure out Jonah's freaky headaches. He got them way too often. I was getting worried after we tried all the usual remedies: more sleep, more water, better diet. Thankfully, he has a grandma that lives 5 minutes away who said, "Have you checked his eyes?" I didn't think that was the answer. He didn't seem to have trouble seeing at all. I asked his 5th grade teacher (this was last spring). She didn't notice anything either. But Nonnie took him to the eye doctor and turns out, his eyes are not so bad but he had to strain to make his vision 20/20 and that would give him nightly headaches. What a simple solution to a scary problem! And look how handsome :)

Jonah went from Cub Scouts to New Scouts. He received his arrow of light award. 

He enjoyed Camp Tracy. He has such amazing upper body strength. I can always find him in the tops of trees when I come home from work. So rock climbing was his thing at camp!

He makes friends easily. He is fun to be around. He likes to make people laugh. He makes us laugh every day! More Camp Tracy pics.

 His 6th grade teacher is my best friend. That is not fair to an 11 year old. His teacher will come over sometimes. I can't imagine my teacher coming over to my house! To make matters worse, his teacher is a Dodger Fan! What doesn't kill you will make you stronger... right?

Louisa also has a teacher who is my friend and has come to the house a few times. The difference between Jonah and Lou? She loves it! 

That's not the only difference. 


She is her own person. Her own ideas. Her own fashion style. Her own way. 

Third grade music program. She loved every second of it. Her brothers dreaded every second of theirs...

 Singing and dancing on a rock at Sundance. Don't ask about the outfit. I'm too old to be the fashion police. 

Loved her 2nd grade opera! She loves dressing up.

 She is not the tallest. She is the shortest in her class. This year she has taken a real interest in gymnastics where it is cool to be short! She's enjoying piano, dance and activity days. She is very social. If she could play with friends for 20 hours a day, she would. 

Louisa got baptized on her dad's birthday, April 2, 2010. It was an amazing day!

                                                         Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Grandma and Grandad

Lots of family came from far away.

Tony played piano, Nate conducted music, and Jonah gave a great talk. Thanks brothers!

What a cute picture with Jonah's teacher! Louisa loves Miss Gill! The two most photogenic people I know.
Our good friends the Elbabas. We love them!

Keep dancing, sister!

So just because I don't update, doesn't mean we are not doing anything worth noting. I read recently that looking at family pictures cheers people up better than chocolate! Really? Well, Here are some random pics to help spread cheer and keep me away from chocolate!!

Goblin Valley 


On our way to Montana

Glacier National Park

St George for Tony's Marching Band competition. Do you see him? He is playing keyboards. He is happy he doesn't have to wear feathers.
While the marching band was working hard, we got to explore St George!


Not sure how many takes till we got this pic for our Christmas Card. But this year, Blake did not have to photoshop anyone's frowns away!

Look for more of Blake's art in 2011. He's been enjoying his watercolor whenever he can.
Of course, that's assuming I will keep up with my blogging duties... Maybe it should be a New Years Resolution but why burden myself? There is enough to keep me feeling overwhelmed. Like the stack of 54 research reports waiting for me to grade... 

                                                    Happy New Year!